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The Spiral Dance with Hawthorne
The Spiral Dance with Hawthorne is a lively weekly show dedicated to folks who share a passion for earth-based spirituality. We offer a combination of music and talk, with engaging conversations with writers, musicians and activists, complimented with the latest in Wiccan, Pagan and New Age music.

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Current Episodes:
  • Pub Date: Jan 15, 2019
  • All Along the Watchtowers
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  • This week we Welcome The Guardians of the Watchtowers.

    e on The Spiral DanceWe've all done it; we've created Sacred Space by calling the Spirits of the Four Directions. We stand at each direction and draw the appropriate pentagram and we Invoke the Spirits that have the appropriate character.

    But where does all that mumbo jumbo come from? Some say Gerald Gardner, which is correct to a point. Others say that Witches have been doing that on their own and in secret, like, forever - which is really not at all true.

    So this week we're going to find out who or what the Watchtowers are and where they came from.

    They may or may not have something to do with Archangels, and Archangels may or may not be a Christian thing. Don't worry; I will not leave you in suspense for long.

    But, like everything else, The Watchtowers DO have something to do with Stars; and so does the story of Orpheus, and his Lyre. We'll see how those tie together.

    And I also have a spoken word meditation from Ted Andrews, called "The Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram".

    Be well! Do good! Enjoy the show.
  • Pub Date: Jan 07, 2019
  • The Philosopher's Stone
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  • This week here on The Spiral Dance, we're talking about the Philosopher's Stone.

    Just what IS the Philosopher's Stone? Where does it come from? Is it even a Stone?

    This question has been bothering people for generations. Some people just give up and say it's just a lot of poetic rhetoric. Others say, "No, look! I've done it! I've got it right here!"

    Some say it's all Devilry! Others say it's all God stuff. Well, you can choose as we try to sort it all out.

    Be well! Do good! Enjoy the show.
  • Pub Date: Jan 01, 2019
  • Transition and Transcend
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  • Happy New Year, everyone!

    The January Moon is known as the Cold Moon and the Wolf Moon. It is a time when shedding and cleansing takes place, the old year is released and the energy of the New Year is beginning. This is a time for letting go from the past and starting anew.

    So this week, here on the Spiral Dance, let's work together to make this New Years Transition work so that we could Transcend toward our goals for 2019.

    Be well! Do good! Enjoy the show.
  • Pub Date: Dec 17, 2018
  • Blessed Yule!
  • Listen:
  • The Night is cold and Oh so long, for the lady has grown old and the god has long since died
    But I learn there is reason for Hope, for there is newly born a child.
    The Lord of the Sun has returned

    Oh, Powers of Air, I seek the newborn child. Is he within your realm?
    The powers of Air answer: Follow the Star to the Hidden cave

    Oh Powers of Fire, I seek the newborn child. Is he within your realm?
    The powers of Fire answer: Follow the Star to the Hidden Cave

    Oh, Powers of Water, I seek the newborn child. Is he within your realm?
    The powers of Water answer: Follow the star to the Hidden Cave.

    Oh Powers of Earth, I seek the newborn child. Is he within your realm?
    The powers of Earth answer: Follow the star to the hidden cave.

    I have searched everywhere for the Newborn child. Yet, I have found him not.

    Behold! the Great Mother speaks words of wisdom;
    "Seek the Holy Child of Light within the hidden cave of your heart. Forever is he there and not without"

    I have now found the Newborn child. He lives within me, and will soon reawaken the earth.

    All praise and honor the Lord of Light. All praise and honor the Lady and Her consort.
    So mote it be.
  • Pub Date: Dec 10, 2018
  • Living the Dark
  • Listen:
  • This week let's celebrate the Dark of the Year.

    We all know it's ridiculous to be afraid of the Dark, but cultural associations with Darkness remain strong, and it seems almost natural to be uncomfortable with this time of the year..

    So, we'll talk about the gifts that this time of the year bring us - such as much needed rest! And much needed introspection as well.

    And we'll take a look at the Dark Side of Your Moon. You know when the Dark of your Moon is showing up whenever you find yourself in emotional turmoil. Understanding this will help you put yourself right.

    Then I want to share some thoughts about using the energy of Surrendering in this Dark Time.

    And that will bring us to a talk from Echart Tolle on the Deeper Dimensions of Stillness.

    Finally, I have some recipes to help you fend off winter-related illnesses.
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