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The Spiral Dance with Hawthorne
The Spiral Dance with Hawthorne is a lively weekly show dedicated to folks who share a passion for earth-based spirituality. We offer a combination of music and talk, with engaging conversations with writers, musicians and activists, complimented with the latest in Wiccan, Pagan and New Age music.

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Current Episodes:
  • Pub Date: Jan 26, 2015
  • A Celebration for Imbolc
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  • This week is our celebration of Imbolc.

    We're at the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. Perfectly natural to want to jump up and down and start acting like Spring is Here! Folly, pure folly! Watch out if the weather is fine on Imbolc - you might find yourself shoveling the driveway on Eostara!

    But before that, let's take some time to honor the Goddess Brigid, the Tripple Goddess of Poetry, Healing and Smithcrafting.

    And we'll enjoy some Tres Leches cake as well!

    I hope you enjoy the show!
  • Pub Date: Jan 19, 2015
  • All Along the Watchtowers
  • Listen:
  • This week we welcome the Guardians fo the Watchtowers.

    We've done it; we've created Sacred Space by calling the Spirits of the Four Directions. We stand at each directin and draw the appropriate pentagram and we invoke the Spirits that have the appropriate character.

    But where does all that mumbo jumbo come from? Some say Gerald Gardner, which is somewhat correct. Others say that Witches have been doing that on their own and in secret, like FOREVER - which is really not trua at all.

    So this week we're going to find out who and what the Watchtowers are and where they came from. They may or may not be Archeangels, and Archangels may or may not be a Christian thing.

    But, like everything else, the Watchtowers DO have something to do with the Stars, and so does the story of Orpheus and his lyre. We'll see how those tie together.

    I hope you enjoy the show!
  • Pub Date: Jan 12, 2015
  • The Stars of Winter
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  • This week we gaze at the clear cold night sky as we honor The Stars of Winter. We'll look up to find The Winter Triangle. Stars that are part of the Winter Triangle teach us that their forces can aid in the service to those of us who are spiritually attuned.

    And we take it a step further as we honor two special "stars" of Winter; the Norse Goddess Skadi, and the Norse God, Ullr.

    Now, did you know that Scandinavia may have been named after the Goddess Skadi. Some theorize that Scandinavia could mean "Skadi's island".

    And finally, if you ski, then you've probably heard of Ullr. In Norse mythology, Ullr was considered a superb archer and skier, and was the god to invoke when engaging in single combat.

    Then we'll talk some science and discover why the night sky of winter is so much brighter than it is in summer. It's not your imagination!

    I hope you enjoy the show!
  • Pub Date: Jan 05, 2015
  • Transition and Transcend
  • Listen:
  • This week here on The Spiral Dance,
    The January Moon is known as the Cold Moon and the Wolf Moon. It is a time when shedding and cleansing takes place, the old year is released and the energy of the New Year is beginning. This is a time for letting go from the past and starting anew.

    So let's work together to make this New Years Transition work so that we could Transcend toward our goals for 2015.

    I hope you enjoy the show!
  • Pub Date: Dec 22, 2014
  • Say It Ain't So!
  • Listen:
  • Are you tired of hearing about the miracles of Christ by now? Well, I sure am.

    It's a humbug, I say, and a humbug still!

    So this week, let's take a good close look at how Their Savior, Jesus Christ, Their Lord never actually existed. Let's compare his story to the hundreds?, thousands? of Pagan Savior Gods who bear remarkable similarities to Christ.

    After that, I'm going to explain The Three Kings to you. No, they weren't actually kings, they didn't actually come from some place, and they weren't stupid enough to think that gold, frankinsence and myrh are appropriate gifts for a newborn baby.

    "A child, a child, freezes in the cold. We will bring him silver and gold!" - Ya, how about a damn blanket??

    And also, we'll hear from Christopher Hitchens as he explains The Core Truth of the Christ Myth.

    I hope you enjoy the show!
  • Pub Date: Dec 15, 2014
  • Blessed Yule!
  • Listen:
  • This week here on The Spiral Dance, we celebrate Yule, the Winter Solstice; this Shortest Day and Longest Night.

    At Yuletide the Wheel of the Year seems to halt, while Darkness reigns before the return of the sun. In seasonal terms, it's the darkest hour before the dawn.

    Yule is a time to set aside animosity between yourself and people with whom you did not get along. The Norsemen had a tradition that enemies who met under a bough of mistletoe were obligated to lay down their arms.

    As the sayng goes; "From Yule to New Year's Day, neither wheel nor windless must go round". The idea being that, as the sun seems to stand still at Yule, so we cease the movement of our own wheels - the churning of our lives. Once the Wheel turns anew on New Years Day, so we begin again. Yule is Holda's Feast Day. Honor her by stilling your Life on the one day when the sun stands still.

    I hope you enjoy the show!
  • Pub Date: Dec 08, 2014
  • The Winter Moons
  • Listen:
  • This week here on The Spiral Dance, we celebrate the Full Moons of Winter.

    All the full moons have names, as you know. But during the Winter, the Dark time of the year the moon has an ever stronger effect on us.

    Each of the Full Moons of December, January, February and March have different qualities. So we'll take a look at each moon's quality.

    Also each of the moons have Goddesse associated with them. Specifically there are sabbats which are sacred to certain goddesses. And so, to my mind anyway, the full moons during those months are great for connecting further with those Goddesses.

    Also, I have for you a Spell that you could perform during the times of the Winter Full Moons to help you call upon the moon's energy to see visions.

    And I also have a recorded Guided Meditation for you from Bente Hensen. This is called "Luminescent Reflection"

    I hope you enjoy the show!
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