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The Spiral Dance with Hawthorne
The Spiral Dance with Hawthorne is a lively weekly show dedicated to folks who share a passion for earth-based spirituality. We offer a combination of music and talk, with engaging conversations with writers, musicians and activists, complimented with the latest in Wiccan, Pagan and New Age music.

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March 2022 Episodes:
  • Pub Date: Mar 28, 2022
  • April First; Trickster and Fool
  • Listen:
  • In honor of April Fools Day, our theme this week is: The Trickster and Fool. We'll take a look at the history of April Fools Day, as well as the Role that the Fool and the Trickster play in Earth-Based religious practices.

    Also, we'll hear from Joseph Campbell, and his thoughts on the Mythology of the Trickster

    Be well. Do good. Enjoy the show!
  • Pub Date: Mar 21, 2022
  • The Stars of Spring
  • Listen:
  • This week let's give Spring a true Welcoming, as we talk about The Stars of Spring - The Spring Triangle, in particular.

    You may not know The Spring Triangle because it's less attention-grabbing than the Winter Circle and the Summer Triangle. But it becomes visible as early as February, and by early April, it's stars are all up by mid-evening. So, when you see the Spring Triangle is a harbinger for the warm springtime air.

    The Spring Triangle is made up of three of the sky’s brightest stars: Regulus, Arcturus and Spica. We'll talk about each of these stars in detail.

    And we'll join John Reade as he shows us how to learn about the Spring Constellations!

    Be well. Do good. Enjoy the show!
  • Pub Date: Mar 14, 2022
  • Celebrating
  • Listen:
  • Astronomically, the Equinox occurs on Sunday, March 20. We'll be talking about the history of Spring Equinox - the role that it has played in cultures down the ages:

    So, we'll talk about the Norse Goddess Eoster. Is she a bonefide Goddess, or just a fiction created by one author? Does it matter, really?

    Plus ya can't talk about this time of the year without mentioning Rabbits & Eggs; and, of course, the Balance of Light and Dark.

    The Spring Equinox marks the point in the solar year when day and night are of equal duration, and the daytime once again becomes longer than night.

    In Pagan mythology it marks the time when The God, who was reborn at the Winter Solstice, is now coming into young adulthood and is - awakening to his sexuality.

    Be well. Do good. Enjoy the show!
  • Pub Date: Mar 07, 2022
  • Due Consideration for March
  • Listen:
  • Lets give a big warm welcome to the month of March! It seems to be the month everybody loves to hate! Everybody wants Spring to finally come, but there is still so many more weeks to wait! So, let's give March some due consideration. We'll see if I can maybe help you get a different perspective on this time of the year.

    We'll be talking about the folklore of the March Hare. Plus, I have an Irish Story of Magick which I'll be reading called "The Boy and the Hare".

    And, of course we would be remiss for not mentioning March 17th - which we will do! We'll talk about St. Patrick and the PAGAN "snakes".

    Be well. Do good. Enjoy the show!
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